Saturday, 26 January 2008

Day 5: Team Building, PE and DVD

Well an end of another fun filled day. Children today have been involved in a number of challenging activities where they have had to work together to achieve. All children have behaved really well and enjoyed their last day.

Team Building

The first activity of the morning was team building. Children were split into 3 teams and set the challenge to cross the swamp (the hall) only using a set of ordinary car tyres and each other. Rules were set along the way eg 30 secs silence, magic trainers. The worst rule of all was if you put your foot into the swamp (on the floor) your team had to start all over again. We were also made to sing songs like 'The Wheels on the Bus' and even do silly dances, I am sure this was to make us fall in the swamp. It was such a laugh!

What exactly do we have to do again?

Come on, easy does it!

Just watch the concentration.

During the challenge we discovered that there were numerous skills that we needed in order to complete the task. During our evaluation session this is what we came up with. You needed:

- to work as a team

- to concentrate

- to listen to each other

- to allocate a team leader/jobs

- to encourage each other

- to use balancing skills

- to think carefully

- to communicate clearly

We also spent time discussing how we could improve our performance and complete the task to a higher standard. I do have to say that evry team worked fantastically together, even the teachers joined in successfully.

Thanks again to Neil and Rob for providing this session. Another great success!

Beat the Ball

The second activity was Beat the Ball in the hall with ann and Miss Haywood. Children were split into teams and they had to beat the ball around the circuit. The session was filled with laughs and was very enjoyable.

What a catch!Come on get the ball round quick!

DVD Afternoon

During the afternoon we all enjoyed watching 'Shrek the Third' . We set the classroom up as a homemade cinema and enjoyed eating; crisps, popcorn, pizza and cakes. A well deserved relaxing afternoon. All children thoroughly enjoyed the film.

It is the end of a fantastic, action packed week. All children have behaved brilliantly and I am sure thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. I know that many children overcame some fears this week and they should all be very proud of themselves, well done. This has definiately been a week full of memories to be treasured forever.

A big thanks goes out to all the adults involved in activity week for making it run smoothly and ensuring all children had fun, thank you.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Day 4: Sculpture, Cookery, ICT and Printing

Well, it is the end of the end of another fun filled day. Today all children have been involved in a variety of activities, all of which they have enjoyed.

Activity 1: ICT
Today children have enjoyed writing on our blog, creating Photostory videos, where they have been able to compile a selection of pictures taken throughout the week with music and add subtitles. Just take a look at some of the children's work, they are fantastic!!

Creating our Photostory Video

Video Editing

Some children also had the opportunity to interview people participating in different activities and film their responses. I do believe we could have some budding reporters.

Days 1 & 2 by Naba

Fairlop Waters by Kirandeep

Fairlop Waters by Rebecca

Movie Making by Tharsa and Rachel

Activity 2: Sculpture

The second activity of the day was to be able to create part of a sculpture that is to be a permanent feature outside the new school entrance. Children were involved in creating clothes, accessories (bags, caps, belts etc), boots and even re-creating different heads for the three children that make up the sculpture and represent friendship and the school motto 'believe in yourself'. Take a look at the sculpture in the making and keep your eyes open ready for the finished product outside the school. Coming soon.......

Where we began...

How shall I make her look?

Creating the heads

Activity 3: Cookery

I think everyone really enjoyed this activity, especially eating the food. Children spent time making pizzas and they even had a go at making some cakes and icing them. All children really enjoyed a lunch of homemade pizza, jacket potatoes and salad.

Pizza Making

Making cakes

Activity 4: Fantastic Fish

The last activity was printing. Children spent time looking closely at pictures of tropical fish and recreated these images by carving them out of lino, they then rolled ink over the image and placed the inked carving onto material. Each child created a fish which will be sewn together to create a wall hanging. This will be put up in school as a lasting memory of the work of year 6.

Another really successful day, enjoyed by all!

Day 4: Our Comments

Activity week is great and I really enjoyed the Science Museum,I don't want this week to end!(mayowa)

I am loveing this week the Science Museum was so cool!!!(Rachel)

Activity Week has been great so far we have done :sailing,been to the science museum,we have been canoeing and it has been absoloutely great ive enjoyed canoeing the best because it was a great laugh with my freinds when they fell in the water.(Charlie)

I am having a SUPER time in Activity Week it is great fun. We have been to Fairlop Waters, Science Museum and lots of other things. I love Activity Week!!! (Heather)

I am injoying activity week so much i just dont want it to end!!!!!!!!!(Alexandra)

Activity Week has been wicked so far and I am glad that I had come here. My fav part so far has been the Science Museum. That was so much fun!(Harry)

Activity Week has been so cool, I enjoyed the Science Museum the best, we have been sailing and Canoeing at Fairlop Waters (Jordan)

Activity week has been briliant, I really enjoyed the Kayaking and going to the science museum it was fantastic!!! I would love to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Amy)

Activity week has been the best, i liked the kayak and the history museum the best it was fantastic!!!i would do it again (gabby)

Activity Week has been so coool! espically the history museum it was terrific i would do it again if i had to, i wish i could but the weather on monday was cold and wet but i hope everybody is having a great time x ( alison)

I really enjoyed activity week! It was fantastic. Sailing was the best out of all the rest but I still enjoyed everything!Thanks teachers!I hope that we all had a great time! It was worth the really was! xx (naba)

I REALLY enjoyed Activity week!! My favorite thing I did out was Sailing on monday. I don't know why we are doing activity week but i've really enjoyed it! Thank you whoever organised this!! (Jessica) xx

Activity Week has been the best week ever!! My favourite activity was Kayaking. First I was so nervous because the water was so wavy!! I have to admit I was really good at it!! I've loved activity week!! It was so great!! I want to do it again!! ( Jayde xx)

I have really enjoyed activity week it has been fantastic!! I really enjoyed the Kayaking and the science museum it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Amie)

I really had fun because I liked going sailing and bellboating. (Kevin)

Activity Week has been very exciting and I really loved the Kayaking. The thing that I did not like was canoeing because it was very wobbly.(Tharsa)

Activity Week has been very exciting as I have been waiting for the activities. I really enjoyed canoeing and bell boating, it was fun paddling around the lake. (Rebecca).

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Day 3: Kayaking, Open Canoeing and Bell Boating at Fairlop Waters

Well, what can we, say today has been fantastic! Another activity filled day with lots of children overcoming some of their fears and facing them head on. The day was split into three sessions and every group had a go at one of the following activities:

1. Open Canoeing

2. Kayaking

3. Bell Boating

All of the paddle type activities needed concentration and mostly a sense of direction! During open canoeing children were in pairs and paddled around the lake and even played 'heads, shoulders, knees and jump!' and there were definiately some wobbles and near misses to falling in. Children were placed in the canoes in pairs and thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

Open Canoeing

Kayaking was the wettest activity to date! this was the dreaded, the most feared of them all. Who fell in? let me see.... umm... I think quite a few, but I do believe everyone really enjoyed being in control and paddling their own Kayak. There were definiately some naturals at this activity, certainly not an easy one, but everyone performed brilliantly and helped each other over come their fears, so well done.


Come on Sam, you can do it!

Bell Boating was the toughest on the arms and required enormous team effort in order to steer the boat and get anywhere at all. Children and adults worked in teams of approx. 6 and had great fun racing each other up and down the lake.

Overall the day was really enjoyable and all children behaved and listened extremely well.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Day 2: Science Museum

Today has been another fantastic day, all the children involved in activity week have had an excellent day at the Science Museum, in South Kensington.

We can't wait to get there.

Are we nearly there yet!

Q: What are you looking forward to seeing at the Science Museum?

All the groups behaved exceptionally well and thoroughly enjoyed the Explosive Science Show'. Check out some of the explosions that we enjoyed.

The interactive Launch Pad where they built bridges, experienced forces at work, bubble making, wind power, how light works, thermal imaging and muh, much more. Take a look at the photos to see just how much children enjoyed the hands on, discovery Science.

Thermal Imaging- What strange things we bagan to see!!

Could you build a bridge?

We did it!!

The children also loved seeing the Secret Life of the Home exhibition, where they got to see household items through the decades: washing machines, radios, videos recorders, computers, microwaves, alarms, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners etc the children couldn't believe how technologies have changed. Following this one of the highlights of the trip was visiting the shop.

During the afternoon the children enjoyed a further trip to the Natural History Museum, where we travelled through the centre of the earth and into an exhibit where we learnt about the effects and causes of volcanoes. Following this we experienced the effects of the Kobe earthquake in the shop, where we were taken through the phases of an earthquake. It was amazing! We then entered the dinosaur area and couldn't believe the size of some of the animals.


Another fantastic day!!

Monday, 21 January 2008

Day 1: Sailing at Fairlop Waters

Today 32 of our Year 6 children participated in a sailing course at Fairlop Waters. All children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

All ready to see what is in store for the day!
The instructors demonstrated exactly how to set up the rig sail, how to steer the boat with a rudder, what to do with the middle plate, how to tie a figure of 8 knot and most importantly how to handle the boat on the lake in order to manoeuvre around the diagonal course that was set up.

Just listen to all the instructions we were given and how windy was it!!

The day was full of laughs and many children and adults overcame some of their fears! Although the day was wet and windy, it was fantastic! The afternoon was filled with speed boat rides, with a few soakings along the way.

Are you ok there Miss Simmonds!!

There they are, all the teachers raring to go!

Come on we are ready!!

Preparing for our voyage!

I think this is right!

A little choppy but I think we will make it!

Our walk home was the wettest ever, which I am sure the children will never forget!!

All in all a very memorable day, as you can see in the photos!!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The week ahead!!

On Monday 21st January a number of our Year 6 children will be participating in activity week, where they will be involved in activities inside and outside of school.

There are a variety of activities taking place such as: sailing, canoeing, team building exercises, a trip to the Science Museum, cookery, sculpture, printing, various ICT activities.

The Science Museum

The week should be extremely fun with everybody getting involved, especially the teachers! I hope everyone enjoys the week and remember to keep us up to date by posting on the blog!